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Sunday, May 7, 2017

How to Get a $60 K/Yr Career in Digital Marketing - bishutricks

How to Get a $60K/Yr Career in Digital Marketing - Bishu Tricks
Digital Marketing

Individuals can acquire high pay rates in Digital Marketing without long periods of experience or being a nerd.
 I want unemployed film grad to making a $100K salary in 3 years plus income from freelancing and my own monthly clients and you can too.

   This is true:-
Popularity for Skills + Low Supply = Easy Entry/High Pay
Digital Marketing is a $50 Billion plus Industry that is growing every year. The occupations in this field aren't only to advertise Majors or Coders.  In fact, these jobs are perfectly suited for tech-savvy college graduates (and current student) with good analytical and writing skills, creativity.

I got my first section level occupation with about zero involvement and after 3 years I was making $100K and have since worked remotely, been paid many dollars an hour for consulting and pursued by recruiters on Linkedin. Oddly enough colleges are not preparing the student with skills for these jobs, so the demand for workers is through the roof.

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