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Saturday, April 20, 2019

Make Money Online Best Platform Youtube 2019 - BishuTricks

Best Platform Youtube: Nowadays most Internet users tend to visit YouTube for any information or any recent product reviews. But do you know that from Youtube you can earn sitting at home?

Friends! How do you earn money from YouTube? Want to know this. Then read this post. Because, in today's, I'll tell you how to make money online from YouTube instep. There are some people in today's time like this. Who are earning lakhs of rupees by entertaining others.

Very strange to hear and read. But about this, only a few percents know. And who knows it. She is known today as well as name and fame.
Make Money Online Best Platform Youtube 2019 - BishuTricks
Make Money Online Best Platform Youtube 2019 - BishuTricks

Friends! If we will, we will see the purpose of making YouTube. So it was built keeping this goal mediated only. That, in the future; People can share their visual media with each other. She was made like social media. But, nobody knew it. Let's move forward, it will become a source of online earnings.

There are many Youtubers and Youtube Channels, which are earning millions of rupees per month by uploading 2-4 video videos on Youtube every month. There are dozens of ways, such as Blogging for Money, Affiliate Marketing, Adsense, while earning money from the Internet, but Youtube is the most fun way to do it. If you have a little talent or you can do something that people like, then you can earn money by sitting at home sitting in your house and uploading it on YouTube.

Introduction of YouTube

Before moving forward in; You already clear one thing. No of YouTube World 1 IT company is Google's service. This suggests this. We will not have any fraud with you. But you also have to live according to the rules.

So if youtube History is seen. So it was made by Chad Hurly, Steve Chen, and Javed Karim. Who used to work in the PayPal company Which was developed in 2005.

Then in November 2006 Google bought it by paying the US $ 1.65 billion. And today the situation is such. Youtube has been the world's number 2 search engine after Google. Millions of people are active every second on this. Also, more than thousands of new videos are uploaded every second.

How to make money from youtube the best platform:

There square measure heaps of folks on Youtube. United Nations agency square measure earning a lot of cash sitting reception. Some folks those whose earnings are quite 10 large integer rupees a month. You can also make money online from Youtube by following a few steps -

1. Create Your YouTube Channel

Make Money Online Best Platform Youtube 2019 - BishuTricks
Create Your YouTube Channel

First of all, you have to understand. What is this Youtube channel? Try to tell directly in the word. So the channel is a brand. There are various types of channels on TV. Such as sports, movies, news, cartoons, etc. These are all identified with different names. Similarly, YouTube also has a channel. So that we could upload videos to Viagra to recognize it. And earn money through that name.

Keep in mind Due to the service of Google, you must have a Gmail id. if you do not have. So you can create a Gmail account by clicking here And then after that, how to create a YouTube channel?

To Earn Money Online From Youtube From Making Money You must first create your own channel on this. Youtube Channels is that the Place wherever we have a tendency to transfer our video content. For this, we have to create our own account on Youtube. YouTube is a service from Google so if you have already created a Google Account, you can also use it in Login to Youtube or create a new account. Your Youtube Channel ought to be associated with a selected Genre / Niche. Before you can create a Youtube Channel, you should define its genre and use the related keywords in the Youtube Channel. The title of your Youtube Channel should also be Genre Specific and Easy to Remember. This will make it easier for people to join and remember.

2. Upload Awesome Videos

Make Money Online Best Platform Youtube 2019 - BishuTricks
Upload Awesome Videos

After making the Youtube Channel, you should upload your Video Content in it. When uploading a video, it should be kept in mind that it is of Original and Best Quality. His Clarity, Lighting, and Sound should be of excellent quality. The video shouldn't be too long as a result of viewers don't prefer to watch the long and dangerous quality video. If the subject of your Video is Broad, then you can separate it by dividing it into several parts. Video should be Eye-Catching. Tag your video from Genre Specific Keywords to make it easier for viewers to find it through Youtube Search. Your effort ought to be to often transfer your new videos. By which you can maintain your Audience.

If this is a video site. So we will have to work on their respective works. So friends have to upload some of their own videos in the second step. Remember that whatever content you upload will be uploaded. They should be your own.

I mean, if you have movies, music or any other clips that others have. You can not upload them. And if you did that. Then you will have a copyright claim on it. As a result, you will not be able to earn enough profit from YouTube.

With this you take this lesson. If you want to work on YouTube So you have to use Talent yourself. If you copy, then immediately get caught up and do it exactly; Not allowed.

3. Extend your Audience

Make Money Online Best Platform Youtube 2019 - BishuTricks
Your the audience at Youtube is that the reason for your earnings. According to a research, with a 1000 views video, you can earn up to ₹ 100 on average (although earnings from Youtube are dependent on various things like content, visitors, Ads Clicks, Per Click Rate). Your earning will increase in the same proportion of the decrease in the audience. Therefore it is very necessary to grow the audience and maintain it. For this, please share your video on other social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Talk to your viewers in comments and answer the questions asked by them. Sometimes, create videos supported their queries and transfer them. From this, the audience will be impressed with you and will remain with you.

4. Complete All YouTube Policies & Monetize Your Videos

The first was time. When there was a lot to earn from Youtube. Make channel mean; Put some videos, And we could immediately enable monetization.

Monetization means that our channel has to connect to Adsense. Google Adsense is an online advertising company. Which provides advertisements to the publisher and also pays them money per click.

So what we have to do After uploading videos, the video will need to be connected to adsense by monetizing it. There will be an AIDS show on our clips. And we will get per click money.

But I said before you. That is, "just like never before." Competition and scammers have grown so much. YT has implemented a lot of rules to prevent this. The first rule of those should be Lifetime 10000 views on your channel; Second time should be more than 4000 minutes; And at the end your 1000 subscribers must be completed.

I know You may find these rules very difficult for you, but not nominal. You will work hard So you will get all the success. I mean to say. First of all, read YouTube new policies properly. And they are done. Only then will the advertisements appear on your videos and money will be started.

5. Get Paid From Youtube

Just last step, if you crossed all the terms and conditions. And the monetization also enabled. So now when your $ 10 becomes complete Then google Adsense will send a letter to your register address. Verification method of your address.

After receiving your letter, you will have to verify its code. And then adsense tells us to give details of the bank. Then we have to give the correct information about the bank. And when we first complete $ 100. Google will send money through a wire transfer, direct bank account.

And next time, on our 21st of every month, our total earned money will be sent to the account. Just like a monthly salary.

Why select Youtube: Best cash creating a plan with Zero Investment

By the way, to earn money from the Internet, how is all Online Money Making Ideas, but Youtube is a great option in which you can earn well without investing.

Huge Audience Available on Youtube:

Make Money Online Best Platform Youtube 2019 - BishuTricks
Make Money Online Best Platform Youtube

Youtube's biggest quality is that there is already a huge audience on YouTube. This is a readymade platform for you. This is not the case with blogging or other online money making options. In blogging, you first have to add the Audience and it takes a lot of time. While in Youtube you simply need to transfer the most effective Video Content and write video description properly. If your video content is fantastic then the rest of the work will be done by the viewers already present there.

No Domain or Hosting Required:

You do not need any Domain or Hosting to earn money from YouTube. For example, if you want to start your own blog on WordPress or any other platform, then you first need a Domain Name and hosting service to host it, while you can get your Gmail ID You have to log in and create your own Youtube Channel. Then you can easily earn money by uploading a video on that channel and sitting at home.

Easy and Free Best Platform:

Youtube is the easiest way to make money by sitting at house and its large feature is that it does not take any cash from us in exchange for any of our services. In almost all other ways you will have to spend some or nothing at a time, but from Youtube Registration to Video Uploading and Monetization, the whole service offers absolutely free.

Easily Google Adsense Approval:

Getting Google Adsense Approval on Youtube is far easier than blogs. I know many bloggers who had to wait for several months to get Google Adsense Approval but early access to Google Adsense for Youtube Channels.

Monetize your videos:

To start make money through your videos, you have to monetize them. Monetizing means you're permitting Youtube to point out a commercial on your video. For monetization, it's necessary that your video is original and not proprietary.
To monetize your video right now, click on Creator Studio on Youtube and then click on Status and features. After this, check the Monetization Option.

Link to Google Adsense

After you check the Monetization Option in your Youtube Channel, you will have to link your Youtube channel with Google Adsense, which is available in the Monetization Settings on Youtube. Google Adsense shows advertisements related to your videos and whenever a viewer clicks on it, you get money.

Affiliate Marketing and Sponsored Videos:

Through affiliate marketing and sponsored videos you can earn a lot of money from YouTube. Nowadays, many companies offer Affiliate Marketing. In this, you get a link from the company that you place in the description of your video. These links are from a salable Product or Service. When a viewer purchases that product by linking it, you receive a little of the value as a commission. Gradually, when your Youtube Channel is installed, you will also be getting Sponsored for your videos, whose ads can earn money by showing you at the beginning or end of your video.


So let's go, guys, I told you today. How to earn money from YouTube? I have explained in detail in our article how to make money from Youtube or earn money from YoutubeI hope in You enjoyed this information very well And still, there are any questions related to the post. Then you can ask by commenting below. You will be responded as soon as possible. I would be happy to help you. Thanks!

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