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Friday, May 3, 2019

NDMA issued list of what to do and what to do during cyclone Fani - bishutricks

NDMA issued list of what to do and what to do during cyclone Fani - bishutricks
 cyclone Fani
What to do during cyclone Fani

The cyclonic storm 'Fani' has reached the entire coast of Odisha. There are heavy rains in many areas and winds are running at a speed of 175 kilometers per hour.

New Delhi: CycloneFani has a fatal effect. The news of the weather is getting worse due to the districts of Purvanchal. Eight people have been killed since the cyclone. It can also be seen in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Uttarakhand, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Sikkim and Tamilnadu, and Puducherry.

Cyclone Fani has reached Puri, Odisha (Odisha), due to heavy rains in many areas and winds are running at a speed of 175 kilometers per hour. Water is flooded in many areas and other places in the temple, city, Puri, which is situated on the seashore. There are heavy rains in all the coastal areas of the state.

Trees falling on the roads, many of them were destroyed, see photos in Chanakya cyclone storm storm

Many trees were uprooted and huts built in some places, including Bhubaneswar, has been devastated. The Odisha government has sent 11 lakh people to safer places in the security arrangements made from cyclone Fani. In many parts of the country, the Home Ministry has set up a control room to save the people from the scourge of floods.

The helpline has also been released by the Home Ministry. Whose the number is -1938 National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) has also issued some instructions on its Twitter handle to deal with this cyclone.

What to do before the cyclone

Keep Calm and do not panic, do not ignore rumors

To stay in touch, keep mobile charge and contact via SMS

Focus on radio, television, and newspaper to keep weather information

Place essentials and valuables in a waterproof bag

Prepare the kit that has the necessary goods to stay safe

Repair the house and the building and do not leave any sharp objects open
Do not keep them tied if you want to keep animals safe.

What to do during or after cyclone (if you are inside the house)

First, stop the power switch and gas supply

Keep doors and windows closed

If the home is unsafe then go to a safe place before the cyclone

Keep the information updated on the radio

Drink boiled water or chlorinated water

Take only that warning seriously which is official

What to do during or during cyclone (if you are out of the house)

Do not go into broken buildings

Avoid broken electrical columns, wires, and sharp objects

Try to reach a safe place

Apart from this NDMA has issued special instructions for fishermen. According to the NDMA, fishermen should always keep radio sets with additional batteries. Also, keep the boats and the fleet in the safe place. Also, do not go to the sea.

Cyclone Fani Live Updates:

Hurricane Fani Cyclone knocked in the morning in Odisha. Due to heavy rainfall in Odisha's coastal areas where there is a strong wind speed of 175 kmph, heavy rains are also happening. In order to prevent the loss of life and property, the government of Odisha has sent 11 lakh people safely to safe places. By five o'clock in the morning, the Fani storm was about 80 kilometers from the coast of Puri. But later he collided with the speed at the full coast.

Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik has appealed to the people to remain inside the house during this time. He said that all necessary arrangements have been made for the safety of the people. On the other hand, the state's chief secretary said that the entire process of collision of the storm would be four to five hours. Let us tell you that after the super cyclone of 1999, cyclone fane is considered to be the most dangerous storm ever since.

The Central Health Ministry announced on Friday the cancellation of the AIIMS PG 2019 examination in Bhubaneswar due to cyclonic storm 'Phoenix'.

NDMA issued list of what to do and what to do during cyclone Fani - bishutricks
Cyclone Fani
Odisha: After strong winds in Bhubaneswar and after heavy rains, the condition of Biju Patnaik International Airport became something like this.

The Home Ministry said on Friday that the center of the cyclone 'Fani' reached the terrestrial area by 10 o'clock in the morning, which reduced its magnitude. However, due to this cyclone, heavy rainfall is expected in parts of Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal and parts of the North-Eastern states.

CycloneFani: Civil Aviation Secretaries are monitoring the situation; DGCA will issue a revised consultation with the airlines when necessary: ​​Suresh Prabhu

Three people killed in cyclonic storm Phoenix in Odisha

According to the News Agency PTI, three people lost their lives in three separate incidents. The tree fell on a teenage girl in Puri due to which she died. The woman died due to collision with the house of a wreck in Nayagarh, while a The 65-year-old woman at Kendrapara died of heart failure in the hurricane relief center.

Distribution of food ingredients to hurricane victims in Paradip in Odisha.

Four people died from the cyclone in Chandauli in Uttar Pradesh, which is very sad.

We have us whole sympathy with the families of the deceased.

God gives them the courage to face difficulties in this bad time.

The Indian Meteorological Department's Additional DG, Mrityunjay Mahapatra told NDTV that Tornado Fani will reach West Bengal tomorrow morning. Within the next 6 hours, it will be weak. The West Bengal will have a civil cyclone.

There may be wind speed of 90-100kmph. There will be a widespread impact on the evening of May 4 in Bengal. Then again weakening will reach Bangladesh.

The Indian Meteorological Department's DD, Dipunjay Mahapatra told NDTV: Within 8 to 10 a.m., Fani crossed the Puri coast. The speed of the air is 175-185 km per hour. This speed can reach 205 kmph.

On the knocking of a cyclonic storm Fani, the beach beaches of Odisha

There is water in many areas and other places in the city, Puri, which is situated on the seashore. There are heavy rains in all the coastal areas of the state.

Many trees have crumbled and huts built at some places including Bhubaneswar have been destroyed. Regional Meteorological Center, Bhubaneswar Director H.R. Biswas said, "The cyclone reached Puri coast at around 8 am in the morning and the process of reaching the cyclone will take about four hours to complete."

National Disaster Management Authority issued alerts bulletin issued by the Indian Meteorological Department.

HR Biswas, Director, Indian Meteorological Department, Bhubaneswar, said - The process of landfill of Chakravarti Fani started from 8 o'clock in the morning. 

Poori will take around two hours to complete the landfill process. It will continue until 10.30 in the morning.

Cyclonic storm 'Fani' collides with Odisha's Puri coast

Warm Winds going on the coast of Digha in West Bengal Fear of cyclone hurricane Phani at 11 o'clock on the shores of Odisha ...

Cyclone Fani reached near Puri coast of Odisha.

The Cyclone Warning Division of the Indian Meteorological Department said that the fierce cyclone when the ferry arrives on the shore, air can run at 200-230 km speed. According to our latest information, cyclone Phonix 65 kilometers from Gopalpur and 80 km from Puri. "The department said that the cyclone is growing at a speed of 16 kilometers per hour.

Odisha: There are strong winds in Bhubaneswar. Life has been affected. Cyclone Phani's today is expected to reach Puri district. It is being told that its impact will continue until noon.

 Odisha: Photos are from Paradip in Jagatsinghpur district, where high alert continues in the wake of the cyclonic storm.

The Chief Minister's Office of Odisha has told that till now, more than 10 lakh people have been taken to safer places.

The Home Ministry has established a control room in many parts of the country for fear of the storm of cyclone Phani. Whose number is -1938 Relief and rescue work is being conducted from this control room. People can call the control room and ask for help.

Ganjam District Magistrate of Odisha said that more than three lakh people were taken to safer places to save the storm from the cyclonic storm Phani. 541 pregnant women have been admitted to the hospital.

The Meteorological Department has said that on the 3rd May of Cyclonic storm Fani, there is a possibility of crossing the coastal region of Odisha, Gopalpur, and Chandbali. During this, air will run at 200 to 180 kmph. There is a possibility of continuing the cyclone collision process by noon.

The Red Cross Society is engaged in relief and rescue work in Odisha. One thousand people have been evacuated from Fani-affected area. They have been taken to relief camps.

The Odisha government has suspended the Chief Medical Officer of Raigad. In view of the Fani Chakravati storm, the government has canceled the holidays of all the employees of the Health Department. But despite this, medical Shivprasad Padhhi did not join duty.

NDMA issued list of what to do and what to do during cyclone Fani - bishutricks
Cyclone Fani

220 trains canceled and changed to nine routes

Fani is wandering his woes. 220-km Kolkata-Chennai route has been canceled. There were 140 mail or express trains and 83 passenger trains. Routes of nine trains have been changed and four trains have been stopped.

Cyclone Hurricane Fani has knocked in Odisha. Fani has taken its horrific look, followed by landfall on the coastal areas of Odisha. Weather officials said that winds are running at a speed of 175 kilometers per hour which will gradually reach 275 km per hour.
The daily life of the day is also affected. According to the news, more than 11 lakh 54 thousand people had to leave their homes. Electricity cuts, airports, and railway stations have been closed. Fanani is wandering in the state.

According to the reports, 220 trains in Kolkata-Chennai Route have been canceled. There were 140 mail or express trains and 83 passenger trains.

Routes of nine trains have been changed and four trains have been stopped. All trains going to Kolkata-Chennai from Odisha's coastal areas have been canceled.
At the same time, National Transporter says that instead of canceled trains, passengers will be given a full refund.

The Central Railway says that a special train will be started between Visakhapatnam and Mumbai from Visakhapatnam. This train will run at the time of Konark Express.

Which trains have been canceled?
Train No.- 18447. Bhubaneswar-Jagdalpur Express (03.05.2019)
Train Number- 18437 Bhubaneswar-Junagadh Road Express (03.05.2019)
Train No.- 22852 Mangalore Central-Santragachi Express (04.05.2019)
Train No.- 22606 Villupuram-Purulia Junction Express (04.05.2019)
Train No.- 18495 Rameswaram-Bhubaneswar Express (04.05.2019)
Train No. 02842 Chennai Central-Santaragachi Express (04.05.2019)
Train No.- 18464 KSR Bangalore-Bhubaneswar Express (04.05.2019)
Train No.- 12513 Thiruvananthapuram Central Express-Guwahati Express (05.05.2019)
Train No.- 15930 Dibrugarh-Tambaram Express (05.05.2019)
Train number 22855 Santragachi-Tirupati Express (05.05.2019)
Train No.- 15228 Muzaffarpur-Yashwantpur Express (06.05.2019)
Train No. - 07150 Kamakhya Junction-Secunderabad Express (06.05.2019)
Train No.- 12507 Thiruvananthapuram Central-Silchar Express (07.05.2019)

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