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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Who Has The WWE Money In The Bank 2019? -bishutricks

Who Has The WWE Money In The Bank 2019? -bishutricks
Who Has The WWE Money In The Bank
The WWE Money In The Bank 2019

"WWE Money in the Bank" is taking spot Sunday night (Sun., May 19, 2019) from the XL Center in Hartford, Connecticut at 7:00 pm ET. Yippee Sports will pursue the majority of the activity on a conceivably year-altering night in WWE. Invigorate the page all through the evening for every one of the outcomes as they happen to live. will give LIVE pass up blow, coordinate by-coordinate inclusion of Money in the Bank beneath, beginning with the primary match of the evening and appropriate on through to the main occasion.

Dismiss your from your shoes, unwind, and appreciate all the activity with your preferred expert wrestling site. Furthermore, make sure to continue refreshing! Note: To get in on the discussion on this show, visit our open string here.



 Men's Money in the Bank stepping stool coordinate

Kofi Kingston def. Kevin Owens

Seth Rollins def. AJ Styles

Roman Reigns def. Elias

Bayley def. Charlotte Flair (Money in the Bank money in)

Charlotte Flair def. Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch def. Lacey Evans

Tony Nese def. Ariya Daivari

Shane McMahon def. The Miz

Rey Mysterio is def. Samoa Joe

Bayley wins the Women's Money in the Bank stepping stool coordinate

The Usos over Daniel Bryan and Rowan

WWE Money In The Bank Live Blog And Match Coverage

 In the event that I saw you currently, might I be able to look in your eyes? Do you think of me like I long for you? Do you want to be here like I want to be with you? You've adored me previously... Do you cherish to me now? Does love ever end when two hearts have torn away? Or on the other hand, does it go on and beat solid at any rate? You've adored me previously... Do you cherish to me now? Return on to me at the present time, and I'll liveblog this here professional wrestling appear for you.

The pre-show commences with Jonathan Coachman welcoming us to the show and introducing his board involved Charly "Firearms" Caruso, Sam Roberts, and David Otunga. They run down the card and shill for the WWE Network before beginning their night of review activity with the men's Money in the Bank stepping stool coordinate.

Becky Lynch is interviewed behind the stage.

She says her two rivals today realize they can't win without anyone else, and this evening the chances are even and Lacey Evans is going to find out what Charlotte Flair definitely knows- - it's an entire distinctive ballgame one-on-one against The Man. This evening we're going to find out what those two morons are made of, and Lynch knows the heaviness of history is on her shoulders and the correct street isn't the simple one.

She didn't come here to make her title rules copious, she came to make them meaningful, and right now she realizes she has two programs brimming with ladies who need what she has. So this evening she's dishing out twofold beatings since that is the thing that happens when The Man comes around. The board talks about her matches and we go behind the stage where Lacey is picking at her musical drama gloves.

She says Becky talks so much refuse and the more drawn out garbage sits, the more it spoils and in the end, you pack it up and take it to the control, which is actually where she's going to finish up today around evening time. Yet, continue talking, on the grounds that the more she talks, the better taking her title is going to be. What's more, after she's cleaned the ring of Becky's dreadful nearness, it'll be Charlotte's swing to clean the range and Lynch'll understand The Man was no counterpart for a Queen or a Lady.

Actually, Kingston is a phenomenal good example, incredible entertainer, and all-around decent person, and he has no issue with him past the way that he has the title and he ensures it'll be another day toward the night's end, the principal day of Kevin Owens as WWE Champion. The board then talks about the match before moving onto Reigns versus Elias and afterward Shane McMahon versus The Miz.

Nikki Cross gets a hand cam promotion saying that she needs to give Alexa Bliss a shot since she didn't be anything's nevertheless dazzling, and it agitates her that Bliss can't contend, yet she's going to capitalize on her chance and be much the same as her. Let Nikki play, let Nikki guarantee, let Nikki win. Beth Phoenix and Sonya Deville join the board to examine the ladies' Money in the Bank coordinate.

Zelina Vega interrupts to begin something with Sonya and they squabble finally before we head down to ringside for our first match.

The Usos cut a promotion during their passage, talking about how they're kicking things off today around evening time against Spongebob and Patrick and welcome their adversaries to the Uso Penitentiary.


Daniel Bryan and Erick Rowan versus The Usos (Jimmy and Jey Uso)

 Bryan and Jimmy to begin, neckline and elbow, side headlock from the American Dragon shot off, bear obstruct, off the ropes, drop down, front kick, duck the roundhouse and Uso lands an immense hack! Another one places Dan in the corner, tag to Jey, in hot with a right, snap mare for two and now he lays a cleave in. Blind tag, Bryan slides out, Rowan lifts him up, obstruct the nightfall flip, off the ropes, cargo train crossbody chops Jey down!

Rowan dumps Jimmy to the cover yet gets low-crossed over, Uso off the ropes... Suicide plunge got yet Jey catches up with another jump! Superkick Party on the floor! Back in, off the ropes... Stereo suicide dives! The American dragon goes for a dive but eats a pair of superkicks! Jimmy labels in, the brothers headed up top...

The Usos win by pinfall with the couple diving sprinkles on Daniel Bryan.

Dumping Carmella to the floor, yanking a stepping stool far from Rose, tilt-a-spin pummel snuffs the sparkle out! Hugger in, setting the stepping stool up, Ember cuts her off, they exchange kicks, holding the stepping stool vertical and Brooke moves until Carmella comes in and thumps the stepping stool over! Superkick to get Bayley out, Mandy kicks the stepping stool out of Mella's hand and into her knee!

Carmella pulling herself up to the ropes, fending Rose off, Moon decks her with an elbow and winds up in a stepping stool back-and-forth with Cross. Naomi springs onto one stepping stool, strolls crosswise over both, springboard roundhouse to Mandy! Slide under another stepping stool and everyone feels the shine! Carmella being kept an eye on by doctors as Nattie nuclear drops Naomi into a stepping stool and gets decked by Bayley!

Bayley hauls the stepping stool out of the corner and opens it up appropriate under the folder case however Mandy cuts her off. Natalya in and they sandwich the Hugger between equal parts of the stepping stool over and over! Naomi hits the split-legged moon-sault on Bayley on the stepping stool! Neidhart and Rose setting the stepping stool back up, Cross with a lance under the stepping stool, Naomi climbs... However, coal cuts her off and hits a codebreaker!

Cross climbing, Moon cuts her off yet Nikki hits the mythical serpent screw neck whip! Dana spills the stepping stool Cross! Everyone down, Brooke climbs, Mandy joins her, her hands on will be on the folder case and Rose pushes her off the stepping stool! Dana Brooke is hanging free! She figures out how to hang on sufficiently long to land back on the stepping stool, they fight, Bayley yanks Mandy down!

Climbing... Here comes Carmella, her knee secured! Duck a tether, enormous lower arm, crush Rose's face into a stepping stool on the floor more than once! Snapmare into the blockade! Another one! Superkick! Mella climbing in the ring... Sonya Deville yanks her down! Lance! Deville sets the stepping stool up and proceeds to get her partner, physically carrying her up the stepping stool on her shoulders!
Bayley wins by retrieving the portfolio to progress toward becoming Ms. Money in the Bank.

Bayley is interviewed post-coordinate and says she's pleased with everything she and Sasha Banks achieved yet she came to Smackdown to demonstrate a point and this evening she thinks she did only that.

We get a recap of how Sami Zayn came to supplant Braun Strowman in the men's Money in the Bank coordinate.

In the storage space, we see Rey Mysterio getting prepared when his child Dominick comes in.

Rey Mysterio versus Samoa Joe (c) (WWE United States Championship) 

Mysterio in with right hands however a single kick to the leg from Joe stops him short! Another hamstring kick, a third, a Rey firing back, off the ropes, slide low, spring up, Frankensteiner associates! Lower arms in the corner, pushed away, charge in, back body drop to the cover and a gamengiri, springboard situated senton associates! Going for a pummel, Rey drifts out yet Samoa chops him down with a slash! 

Rey Mysterio wins by pinfall with a hurricane ran to win the WWE United States Championship. 

Shane Mcmahon versus The Miz (Steel Cage Match) 

Mcmahon promptly attempts to scale the pen yet Miz pulls him down! Twofold leg into mounted punches, Shane misleads him, back elbow, climbing, again and again, he's pulled down! The A-Lister tosses him into the pen, McMahon scarcely hands-on and begins climbing however again Miz pulls him down! Hammering him with kicks in the corner, snap-mare into a kick to the back, more kicks to the back, retribution on his mind. 

Triple H and a street operator are running behind the stage to the scene of some savagery. They find Sami Zayn hung, fundamentally killed topsy turvy on a touch of confine fencing, and Hunter shoos the camera team away! 

Ariya Daivari versus Tony Nese (c) (WWE Cruiserweight Championship) 

Circling, neckline, and elbow, Daivari backing Nese into the corner and breaking grimy with punches! Nese kicking endlessly, duck a roundhouse, leg clear into a leg drop, just two! Moonsault, arrive on his feet when no one's home and Ariya rub his eye over the top rope! Pulling him back inside, right hands, Tony swinging blind and missing as Daivari associates again and again. 

Chopping endlessly, hanging Nese in a Tree of Woe over the cover before dumping him to the floor! Charging in, up to the cover, off it, lower arm amazes Ariya, back in, up top, NOW the cross-arm Iconoclasm hits yet it's insufficient to win the title! Trading covers, Daivari to the floor, Nese off the ropes... Sasuke is uncommon! Back in, up top... 450 sprinkle isn't sufficient to keep the title around Tony Nese's midsection! 

Becky Lynch (c) versus Lacey Evans (WWE Raw Women's Championship) 

Lynch in with a dropkick, boots in the corner, judo toss sets up a storm cellar dropkick. Waistlock takedown and Evans safeguards to the floor! Off the ropes, baseball slide yet Lacey takes over on the floor quickly. Whip switched, hard into the blockade and Evans endeavors to escape through the group however Becky cuts her off and places her into the cover. Back inside, Lacey backs off and endeavors to place Lynch into the turnbuckles however the champ has it explored. 

Jockeying for position, Becky with rehashed lassos, a leg rope, kip up, rolling sole butt sets up the exploder suplex! Rocket dropkick associates and Lacey moves to the floor to dodge the follow-up, diving clench hand cuts her off and gets two back in the ring. Up top, no one home, champ moves through however Evans hits a stage up shocker and a kick to the waist for two! 

Who Has The WWE Money In The Bank 2019? -bishutricks
Becky Lynch
Becky Lynch wins by accommodation with Dis-Arm-Her to retain the WWE Raw Women's Championship. 

Becky Lynch (c) versus Charlotte Flair (WWE Smackdown Women's Championship) 

Style smashes her directly into the corner for shoulder pushes, choking her with her foot and breaking at ref Mike Chioda's call. Lynch firing back with a lower arm, a boot, twofold boot in the corner, to the second for the diving lower arm yet Charlotte avoids! Kick to the face, lower arm kicks against the ropes yet Becky flames back with punches and uppercuts. 

Whip over, Flair Flip, boot through the ropes, a bit of a swagger, up top yet Lynch cuts her off with a lower arm! Press hammer out of the corner, Lynch with an Oklahoma roll... Probably not! Pizazz in with the slashes, Becky with an enzuigiri, off the ropes, dropkick got into a twofold leg and transformed into a Boston Crab! Becky to the ropes to break and Flair holds tight for a couple of beats of the mean greatest harm.

Bayley versus Charlotte Flair (c) (WWE Smackdown Women's Championship) 

Dragging her into the center of the ring, Bayley heads up top... 

Bayley wins by pinfall with the diving elbow drop to win the WWE Smackdown Women's Championship. 

Bayley celebrates in the group with her new title. 

We see Roman Reigns walking behind the stage and Elias stalking behind him, guitar close by... EL KABONG! 

Elias heads to the ring and requests a stool and a crisp guitar. An ELECTRIC guitar! 

He strums and dispatches into his standard introductory spiel, including a couple of bars. He says he'd for the most part complete an acoustic set here be that as it may, uh... His guitar broke. He discusses how Vince trusts the fate of WWE is in great hands with him around and plays a tune about how extraordinary he is, the amount Roman Reigns sucks, and what disfavor the city of Hartford is. 

AJ Styles versus Seth Rollins (c) (WWE Universal Championship) 

Neckline and elbow, truly struggling hard, Styles backs Rollins into the corner and breaks cleanly at official Shawn Bennett's call. Back to the lockup, this time Seth gets AJ in the corner and breaks grimy with a lower arm rub! Styles with a waist lock, standing switch, another, leg pick, kip-up head scissors takeover into a stalemate! Rollins picks an arm, standing armbar, wrenching it in, shot off, arm drag associates! 

The two men back in at a check of seven, Seth tosses AJ out and plunges on him again! Back inside, right hands, off the ropes yet Styles gets a lower arm to counter. Rollins with Sling Blade, charging a lower arm, on the cover and waiting, springboard rope lands validly for two! Seth with Kawada kicks to set up a powerbomb, Styles out, counter the ripcord knee... Ushigoroshi! 

Kick in the corner, calling for the Styles Clash, countered into a triumph move pin, turned around to a nightfall flip and after that to a folding press, Seth with the deadlift... Clasp BOMB! FROG SPLASH... NOT ENOUGH! Punch in the corner, setting the Phenomenal One up top and climbing after him however he slips out and hits a German suplex! Hanging onto the waist lock, looking for the back suplex facebuster yet Seth folds through into a pin! 

AJ with an Argentine backbreaker rack, he gives it a shake and spins out... Argentine powerbomb can't put Seth rolling down! Styles to the cover, however, Rollins cuts the springboard off and gets himself a minute! Getting his challenger in position, inverted face-lock... Inverted super plex! He folds through into eruption yet can't put aj styles away! 

Kevin Owens versus Kofi Kingston (c) (WWE Championship) 

Directly at it with Frye/Takayama punches, Owens with a knee and a slash to send Kingston in the corner, he holds firing back however Kev whips him over. Exploding out of the corner with a tether, he powers KO to safeguard and pursues around him with a leaping lasso off the steel steps! Back inside, headbutt in the corner, putting boots to the challenger and ref Jason Ayers needs to caution Kofi off! 

Outside, Owens with a shoulder push into the cover, however, Kingston inverts a whip and places him into the blockade hard! Another whip turned around, Kofi with a twofold hop springboard axehandle! Back in, kick to the ribs, headbutt, whip switched, twofold bounce, no one home, he arrives on his feet however KO cuts him off with a superkick! Steps, hard whip into the corner, jawing at the group and Kev lands another hard whip before a senton gets him two. 

Over the ropes, Kingston with lower arms, however, Kev tosses him hard into the ring post and he collides with a camera administrator! Owens to the cover... Frog sprinkle to the floor! Back inside, the spread gets two, kick to the waist, dragging Kofi up and nailing him with a slash before dropping a knee over his back. Twofold leg sets up a sling yet Kingston arrives on the second turnbuckle! 

Kingston out after him, dragging him to his feet and back inside, kick to the gut... Shocker! Kofi gets a hand on the base rope! Owens rips Kofi's shoes off for reasons unknown and heads up top... Senton atomic yet the knees are up! Inconvenience in heaven! It's finished!

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