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Saturday, June 15, 2019

Top 10 Ad Networks For My Website To Earn Money 2019 - BishuTricks

Top 10 Ad Networks For My Website To Earn Money 2019 - BishuTricks
Top 10 Ad Networks For My Website To Earn Money 2019

If you have a website or blog, then you've been surprised how you got an economic withdrawal from it. There are different types of services that allow you to earn extra revenue for advertising. In this article, you will find a selection of suggested ones, including information about their main features.

10 Ad Networks For My Website To Earn Money:

1. Google adsense:

Adsense for content services is a classic Google service that automatically tracks your page content and publishes both graphics and text ads related to your visitors, which are useful for their interests.

It works from inserting text-based advertisements on your website, javascript code. You will receive a large amount of money for each 'click', which will create visitors about these ads in AdWords.

The google server analyzes the page where you insert the code and create a code depending on the content that shows a series of announcements related to the theme of your page.

Advantages: both ad formats are customizable in color and size, and you can prevent the display of competing websites from showing.

Requirements: you will only be a website administrator and you are requested to include the adsense program. It does not accept certain requirements related to site quality and pages of 'pop-up' or dialers.

Income: the amount varies depending on the advertiser.

Payment: by check and bank transfer, once a month, as long as you reach the minimum of 100 dollars or fail once a year, the amount of money.

Adsense for searching google for another chance for monetizing your website this allows you to provide Google search technology to your users' websites and internet as well as earn revenue from publishing Google ads on results pages.

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2. Linkshare, link market:

World version of text link advertising. Linkcity, especially the answer to the need for advertising system development for the sector. It was born in an instant on the advertising sector on the internet and on social networks.

This is a fairly new project, developed in June 2007, by company barret, which has more than ten years of internet service delivery.

Advantages: it is compatible with Adsense. Control over advertising content.
Evaluation of requirements and links: as a service, it sets standards for links sold based on your pancake, traffic, thematic, advertising positioning, etc.

Payments: when you reach € 50 or 6 months after the cobras, it can be done by PayPal or by check. Depending on the number of links and other factors they determine, the distribution will be available to you 50/50 to 80/20

3. Linklift:

It is a market for text type links. Lincoln's policy in Berlin in mid-2006 only works with quality editors that provide original content. Benefits of getting the payment down, requirements and ways

Advantages: for each text link, you earn a certain amount of money per month, irrespective of the number of views or clicks the page views or links. Text links may take a little bit and appear under the page's "fold".

When they sell a text link to your website, they send you an email and you can determine the link and address that you are looking for is appropriate for the theme of your website, thus there is complete control over the links displayed on your site. Site. It can be used with pay with relevant ads or every click system.

Requirements: register your website. They will tell you if they are accepted within 24 hours. Include linklift scripts on your website.

Revenue: it depends on the location of the text links, the quality of the content, and the popularity of your website. Paypal is provided through. Minimum transfer € 25 it is charged monthly. You get 70% of the profits collected from your site's link. You pay € 10 for each registration for the referral system.

Considerations: PHP, Perl, Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal's or profitable discovery: use for the use of the following technologies on your website by generating a script that automatically reads the lessons needed on your server. If you use different technology, you have to contact them with a technical team.

4. Text link advertising:

This is an American company which is dedicated to buying and selling links. Text link ads adsense options instead of a supplemental this is not a relevant ad, but it sells links to your site at the specific price per month.

Advantages: Adsense revenues generate specific returns. It is compatible with other advertising systems.

Requirements: as adsense, you must register and wait for site approval.

Income: they pay 50% of the total value of each advertisement. By checking the payments on the first working day of each month, you reached at least $ 25 and without the minimum of PayPal. The price depends on the theme and traffic of the site and the ad category.

Text link ads also provide an approved program that establishes a banner on your site. Every time someone registers it through and the text links are received in ads, they give you $ 25. 

5. Exoclick:

Similar to exoclick adsense, assisted by keywords, relevant ads.

Advantages: this is relevant advertising. You can choose the interests you like while evaluating the ads appearing on your site. Enter the content for adults. Real-time stats

Payments: they are weekly in Paypal or epsport. The minimum charge is $ 10 (in contrast to 100 adsense). They give 5% to referrals to life. They offer suggestions for deep integration of advertising on your site.

6. Zync:

This is a platform that mediates advertisers, organizations, developers, and bloggers for analyzing mediated products, services, or designs. Zync is focused on the American analysis market.

If you are a blogger, then it lets you earn money by analyzing the products and services on your page. Control what you want to analyze and the analysis is free, that is, what you analyze encourages you to be constructive criticism.

Requirements: your blog must reach the lowest level of Alexa and Technorati rankings. They measure your location against the search engine and the level of updates (how many times you publish new posts).

Payments: your blog is scaled by its popularity and effectiveness, classified by theme and it is estimated to be a price that will be paid once for each analysis.

The price is determined by your blog's scope and relevance. More than the audience, the price is higher. You will be paid between € 10 and € 150 for every completed analysis you make on your website.

The payments are calculated and paid on the first business day of each month.
Advertisers will analyze their blog by choosing them. There is an option to declare on your blog that it is related to the zync sponsor analysis program.

Analyzes should have at least 200 words and an analysis post should contain a text that is sponsored by jeans. You will earn 71% of the value of the analysis. For example, an advertiser pays 70 euros for analysis, the blogger gets 50 and the jinx 20.

You are the price indicator provided by default, but you can increase or decrease the offer. You can pay 14 euros at a minimum price. Once the analysis is accepted, you have 48 hours to complete it, publish it and notify it to

A new feature of the market by which instead of asking for an analysis of certain blog advertisers, a group of blogs aims to analyze at a special price a launch, their scores are by category. 

7. Tradedoubler:

The Tradedoubler service lets you place your ads on your website, you can get commissions for impressions, clicks, registrations or sales. There are various support products with free access to its members. As soon as you register you become part of:

Affiliate Network: you can advertise on your website and earn money to redirect your page's traffic to the advertiser's page.

You get a commission for each click, unique visitor, registration or sales which you generate. You can control, evaluate, and monetize your page's traffic and if you get better results then get a higher commission.

Red Pay-Per-Call: you can charge for the traffic you create, it can be a click or online sale, or a phone call.

Campaign Network: it enables you to earn more through newsletters and emails.
banner network: ads by the banner, which allows you to quickly update your online advertising space and evaluate results.

Marketing Interface: it gives you real-time reporting as well as optimizing your website's ad space, measuring its functionality, using the online control center with ease.

8. Adbrite:

This is the "internet advertising market" that connects with thousands of advertisers to web publishers. In the last three years, there has been a huge growth of adbright, in 2004, the number of 2,400 publishers were more than 40 thousand today.

It consists of a service to sell space for your site advertising. They may link banners or text. Your site is offered in a market, and select where the buyer expresses.

Adbright was created in 2002 by Philipp Kaplan and Gideon Weiss. They were looking for an easy way to sell ads on their websites and blogs and decided to set up a small box with the text "your ad here". Adbright's likeness became popular with the face, and in more than two years, more than 1,000 sites used it to sell online advertising.

Advantages: full control over the value of your site. Control over advertising content. You can approve or decline the advertisement. Direct sales of space through a box with the text: "your ad here." compatible with other advertising systems. Police with adbrite ads, billing, customer service, and sales.

Referral program: in the first 3 months you will be able to earn 50% additional benefits of the benefits and 10% of the following 9 months. 

9. Zanox m³:

This is the trade doubler rival. Although it has recently started in World and has no program for its eligibility, it has a better commission in the premium section. Zonox m³ € 3 includes printing promotion for equal printing or more pricing.

Advantages: each program reports the level of protection using it, for example, to know whether an electronic bulletin will work well, which is needed to ask the advertiser for the rest of the affiliate programs.

Payments: It is by transfer. Commission information quick you can pay pending payment and verify data from the control panel. For up to 3 payments a month on request, with an adrank of 6 or more. Premium commission: high payout from adrank 6.

Extra features: support in 10 languages. 24-hour international support service by phone, courier, and email. Local support, training, and event in 30 countries. It works with 200 coins in different parts of the world. Analysis and real-time statistics. Customizable ads and their automatic optimization.

10. Librería Santa Fe:

The Liberia Santa Fe service has various programs to earn money, including:

Collaborative program: Allows you to suggest your favorite books on your page and navigators will be able to acquire the suggested books to see your page via a link to Santa Fe bookstore shopping cart. They pay you 10% of the total purchase amount.

This means that if you only recommend a book, you will be accepted for 10% of the client's total purchase, which can be several books. In addition, you are not only aware of the current purchasing amount, but you also, pay commission for the customer's continuous purchase for 6 months.

Affiliate program promotion: Through the referral the system, you provide commissions only for the sales you have made, but for those who join your links with new affiliates (7% for sale of your "children") and your "grandfather" 3% ).

Digital kiosk program: provides tools to include a "library" category on your own site. In this way, all pages about the books you recommend are automatically updated. You just have to include your "kiosk" on your site and select your favorite book.

If you read about it on another site, you may find that the most popular and not included in this selection is missing. The reasons for this exclusion are as straightforward as possible, an effort to preserve appropriate practices to honor users.

When a visitor accesses your site, he is looking forward to finding your references to committed information in search engines. It does not seem to be a good idea, it attacks a pop-up window that prevents navigation and, on the other hand, can be blocked from browser configurations.

However, the service that is not mentioned, exists. It's your choice, whether or not you use them to monetize your own website.

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