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Monday, June 17, 2019

Graphic Design | 12 Ways to Make Money Online From Graphic Design - BishuTricks

Graphic Design | 12 Ways to Make Money Online From Graphic Design - BishuTricks
Make Money Online From Graphic Design

Graphic Design:
If you are a graphic designer, believe that you are lucky. I can not think of any profession that has more work than this, besides having the opportunity in every way.

A specialty is easy to practice through the internet since you are communicating with your client, you do your work on your PC, you send it and you are ready, you are paid. On the other hand, other tasks have to be adapted to moderate and their work cannot complete 100%. If you are looking to work online, do not hesitate and get the job done.

12 ways to make money online from graphic design:

You're probably a graphic designer, painter or photographer, how to earn extra money online, do not worry, I'll tell you everything in this post.

1. Take advantage of the unused file

Sell ​​Your Excessive Design Everything you design will be preferred by your customers. Use them when selling unused designs, instead of going to waste, selling your files on market design sites.

For example, Graphic Leftovers is a website where graphic designers can sell logos, icons, imagery and more. Also popular is a popular market for designers who have web design templates to sell items.

Before selling any of your work on the web, of course, the files you are selling are very important to verify under the rights of your current or past clients.

2. Organize a class on efficiency

Anyone can teach a class of Skillshare You've probably heard this statement: "Those who can not teach". Well, that's a lie. In business and design, those who teach can do this because they have the power to do something other people do not know how they can do it.

An online community market for Skillshare classes. Anyone can apply to teach, and receive payment for hosting a class. Some classes of designers are: "Basic concepts of Photoshop: Basic for beginners" and "Nothing about everything: Learn graphic design".

This is based on online students who sign up for your class. But keep in mind that your students are not allowed to sell your services or other products.

3. Try suggestions

For example, Bread Creative has turned its design expertise into a full-fledged consulting organization.

Consultants often like to call "experienced people", which are also known as very valuable people. If you want your expertise in other people in your area, you can sell advice services that teach other successful designers on how to replicate their success.

A perfect example of intelligent creators who transformed their design knowledge into a complete consulting organization is Bride Creative Catherine Shannon and her street, who got advertising and independent design and writing experience started Bride to help creative entrepreneurs create their own brand.

To do this, they offer personal branding and 'eCourses' in 'Bride Coaching' services.

4. Charge the value of your work

If you have already completed some samples for the client and now they want to hire you for the job, you will not be afraid to change the value of the price you know.

Many designers, especially young people, do not charge enough, reduce their work costs. Do not make it more Charging is a way to help maintain high-quality customer quality.

Remember: Customers are not only paying your time each hour, but they are also paying for your experience, training, and equipment. It is conscious for your pricing and you will be better with your work.

5. Sell graphics resources

The designs you have on your USB are in the dust or in some folders named "asgdjdkf". You can sell iPon designs, patterns, WordPress templates, brushes for Adobe Photoshop, and a small number of resources are waiting to be purchased.

OK ... but then where can I sell my design? I have given you an article about  Graphic Design. 5 pages to sell graphics resources. But wait ... I'll leave you the links to the platforms I use to generate passive income for you to earn:

6. Graphic Design Course

Of course, you have a lot of sharing knowledge so that you can make money in English in whatever case you want.

But if you have basic knowledge of video editing, make your future course enrollment techniques for your future students and not anyone else.

So I leave 4 pages to start earning money, the first two only register and configure your payment information and I can tell you two other contacts.

Skillshare (2 months free)

7. Offer your design services

If you want to get quick money, you will have to do some activity or work to invest your time in the project. But you must know this already, but from now on you will offer some great platform to make money!


How does it work? I'll summarize if you create an account completely free and personal information, fill out the necessary fields of payment detail and create your first gig, where you will design such "corporate business card" and wait for your contact, you can finish the project and Your money is ready.

The page will be in that language and so communicate with your customers in those languages but do not worry they can always translate the Google Translator, you can translate from $ 5 to mini-action texts, vector pictures or logos.


The previous page does not work for you as a freelancer a little differently, here you have to apply the project, and you have to say the struggle for the lowest rate became part of the project, but it is an alternative to potential customers.


If you want to get a freelance job here, you can find an application designed for interface design, text translation, video editing, designing a catalog.

Finally, you will find very interesting projects but here you will have to fight for your services and delivery time.

OLX - services:

But OLEX has not sold anything else, so I do not say job offers or professional services announcements are found in the jobs in the job market.

Free market:

I think when I told my colleagues that I published an advertisement in Mercado Libre, they did not know that professional services could be offered on that platform.

I tell you, from my experience, I've got a couple of clients posting free ads on this site, it's a good way to contact you, you just have to create a strategy on your ad and show your differential benefits.

8. Being on YouTube

If you already have a Gmail account, open a channel and start creating graphic design tutorials, reviews, DIY or whatever you want to share, such as valuable content.

However, not everything is pink, many advertisers have complained and withdrawn because their ads appear on a channel irrespective of the audience, YouTube takes steps and keeps repetitive for 4000 hours and requires 1 to be able to monetize your channel.

But if you still fulfill all the requirements across YouTube, do not worry yet, because there are other ways to make revenue and let's all say that the best-known people are affiliate marketing like AMAZON, you just have to create an Amazon Affiliate account and then your Video Details Copy link.

9. Products in your online store

Katerine But I do not want to invest in a Produtos so far, for the Humans do you think that pages that have 100% real life is easy to do.

What's common in these pages is to invest your time in designing and managing your own design and share your products to social networks to familiarize you with your brand. If you still do not believe and have questions about shipping, income, and other related issues, then it basically works like this, you upload your design to platform eligas I recommend Society6, if you generate your first sale and expect a month's average buyer's product or Not reaching its destination, but if the customer likes your product and no problem, congratulations you won the money.

While there are similarities between these platforms, I suggest you investigate more deeply, I leave the list below:

10. Workshops and eBooks

So we've reached this end of the Top 7 so I decided to combine two ways of earning one income. But first, say a little, what is a workshop? It refers to or directs depending on the face-to-face a workshop that can last for 4 hours or 6 hours, this is where you share your skills and knowledge for specific skills.

Workshops may be promoted via advertising to create a promotional video or an advertisement banner, whether social networking, but if you are able to design a flyer then print and finally what your target reports.

And sell it as an extra plus eBooks and how does it work? This is an electronic book that contains valuable information and it is available in digital format, you can publish it and sell it to Amazon or your own website, so it lets you generate passive income.

11. Start a blog to stay as a professional

If you have not started publishing articles, start now! Blogging can cost you time, but you can give bigger. Use your blog to share design tips or publish useful design tutorials for the company.

So the police are not audiovisual content and you are good at writing or a graphic designer with the world, like your suggestions or different things like sharing your experience, you can earn money from your blog and earn money with it.
How can I monetize my blog? Shortly before I told you about affiliate marketing, and it's the most famous Amazon, all you have to do is create "7 products that will make you happy" and here is the URL or the URL of the text, like the picture of your post.

Having a place that hosts your knowledge and experience can be incredibly valuable to you as your expert, to create new relationships with other designers and certainly draw references. Of course, you have good web traffic, and there are some valuable strategies for them here.

The other is to make money with Google Adsense that you have to make, create an account and wait for it to be verified and follow its hints so that the ads appear on your website and every time someone clicks the advertisement you earn money, they earn and everyone is happy.

12. Give your listener things

Now that you've started blogging, it's an effective way to get traffic back to your site: Free resources and of course leave a beautiful brand like templates, themes, and graphics.

The popular blogger and designer of DesignLifefish, Bray Emery, has a section called 'Dress euro Tech', where she shares a beautiful desktop and downloadable desktop background.


Because people love to share amazing things for free, this page has created a great brand exposure for Emery. Because it is open to many opportunities for cooperation, Emery is often associated with other designers or artists for your tech publication.

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